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'In my opinion, Finns are the world's best communicators... The problem is the rest of the world doesn't realise it!' 

So says Michael Gates, the trainer for our new workshop. If you are a Finn, or a foreigner working in communications in Finland, come along to find out why – and much more.

Different cultures (and individuals) have their own unique ways of getting their message across, interpreting what others mean, and negotiating. Understanding your own style, and framing your arguments more effectively by putting yourself into your counterparts' shoes, are the keys to success.

In this interactive session you will get insights into your own and other cultures' approaches, as well as the opportunity to practise adapting your communication skills in a safe environment. The training will be held in English.

This training can be participated also as part of the MuutosPRO Training Program.



This training is targeted to communications professionals from different organisations and sectors who want to broaden their knowledge of their own communication styles and the different approaches between various cultures.



After this training you will…

  • Have a clearer understanding of your own cultural style
  • Be able to use a simple model of culture and apply it to your own communication
  • Have insights into how to persuade and negotiate across some key cultures
  • Know about some important Chinese and Indian core concepts, in a way which will help you deal more effectively with those cultures



The role of culture in communication:

  • What culture is, and why it is so important in persuasive communication and negotiation
  • The link between values and communication – what I Iearned from Pekka (a cautionary tale)
  • The use and abuse of cultural generalisations – positioning what we are trying to achieve with them        
  • Cultural layers, stereotyping and the famous 'Car Accident' cultural survey
  • Human mental programming – focus on Finland, China, India and other participant cultures
  • Cultural horizons – the value of finding common ground between Finns, Chinese, Indians and other cultures
  • The Lewis Model of linear-, multi- and reactive cultural types, plus the Chinese view of 'semi-reactive' Finns

Negotiating across cultures:

  • Negotiating patterns, listening and the language of management across cultures – special focus on Finns as communicators, including gender differences
  • Negotiation across cultures, plus some input on generic negotiation and persuasion theories and research
  • Stuck in the Elevator© – a negotiation role-play, followed by game theory research into statistical variations between linear-, multi- and reactive cultures in approaches to negotiation with regard to price and time

Trust and decision-making across cultures:

  • Decision-making processes when negotiating across cultures
  • Building trust in linear-, multi- and reactive cultures



The training is led by Michael Gates, one of the world's leading cross-cultural trainers and commentators, who has been in the field for the last 25 years. Although mainly working outside Finland, he has lived here for over 30 years and has a good understanding of the special challenges of Finns and those who work with them.

As well as teaching corporations and governments on all continents, Michael is a faculty member on the Oxford Programme on Negotiation at Saïd, the UK's number 1 business school. He’s also Vice Chairman of Richard Lewis Communications, a board member of the Finnish British Trade Association, Operations Director of the English-Speaking Union of Finland, and a Director at TCA Ltd., an Isle of Man based company focused on negotiating with the Chinese.



Attendance fee is for ProCom members 475 Euros + VAT 24% and for others 625 Euros + VAT 24%. The price includes the training, training material as well as light breakfast and lunch.

In case of two (2) or more participants from the same organization, everyone gets a 15% discount. If you attend a ProComPRO Training Program, this training will be included in the program fee.

Registrations for the training by 22 January 2019 by filling the form on this site. For more information please contact procom@procom.fi.

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Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of registration is possible until two weeks (14 days) before the training. If cancellation is made after this (3-13 days before the training), you will be charged by 50% of the attendance fee. In case of cancellation two (2) days or less before the training, we'll charge for the whole participation fee. You may however change participants for the training without a charge. In case of cancellation please contact procom@procom.fi.

We preserve the right for minor changes in the program.

Interested in the MuutosPRO Training Program? for more information, please contact procom@procom.fi or +358 (0)9 135 7775.




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